Trinity's Department of Art and Design is a vibrant community of student and professional artists. There's always something happening: a guest artist coming to campus, field trips to artists' studios or galleries and museums downtown, faculty members installing their next show, alumni checking with the department to see if there's a student they can get for an internship. We're glad you're here.

Art and Design: News

Teachers, Teachers!
Chelsea Konyndyk '13 lands teaching job at Lansing Christian High School and her third inclusion in ArtPrize

Fall 2014

Chelsea Konyndyk '13, newly minted as Lansing Christian's high school art teacher is also showing in ArtPrize, the annual arts extravaganza in Grand Rapids, Mi for the third time! Her first inclusion was while she was still a student at Trinity.

In fact, all of Trinity's art ed graduates in the last 2 years have teaching jobs.

Save the date: Art Visit Day, Nov 13-14

(now called The Trinity Arts Experience)
November 2014

November 13 &14: Art Visit Day 2014, aka The Trinity Arts Experience you will see how Trinity’s art department connects the personal attention of a small school with great artists on campus and downtown. Nationally known artists Alberto Aguilar is featured this year. Friday, its downtown for visits to a design studio and the gallery district. You will return to campus by 3pm. Reservations? Click here.

Scholarships: Only for seniors who attend Art Visit Day, we are offering $500–$5000 in scholarships pending a review of 7–10 digital images on a non-returnable flash drive. Click here soon for details. Seniors who live 300+ miles from Trinity can get $100 toward airfare for visiting and $100 more when they enroll. See Air Trinity for details.

Jobs for 2014 Design Graduates

Summer 2014

Danielle Truckenmiller '14 (left) is working as a graphic designer for Rachel Allan Dresses; Dani creates ads, posters doing both the design and photography for the company. Heather Van Sant '14 (right) turned her internship into a full time job. Jessica Timmermans '14, not pictured, but is still happy to be working for Groupon in Chicago.

Maria Chaverri '09 joins Accenture

Summer 2014

Costa Rican, Maria Charverri, '09 tranferred to Trinity intending to work in the United States after graduation. The recession altered that dream. Adjusting expectations after working so hard is never easy but Maria picked herself up continued build new skills (including Portuguese and French). She freelanced for small clients. As she says, "Not taking risks it's the biggest risk of all. Once you take ownership of what you want and play with the resources you have available, things become simpler."

One thing lead to another; Accenture.com hired her to turn print brochures into interactive material for a London client. Maria says, "Great things never come from comfort zones." Congratulations, Maria!

Christensen '11 joins Teach for America

Summer 2014

Abby Christensen '11 has passed the rigorous entrance process for Teach for America. Moving from a very conceptual studio practice in Boise, ID with growing connections to the art scene in the mountain states, Abby will be teaching elementary art in a low income school in Phoenix, AZ. Student's lives will be much richer for all the expertise Abby brings to the classroom.

Abby was the recipient of the 2011 Department Award in Fine Art.

More Job offers for Art Education Graduates

Summer 2014

Jon Engbers '14 graduated with honors and was the recipient of the 2014 Department Award in Art Education. Jon Engbers '14 has offers from schools in Budapest, Hungary and interest from schools in San Antonio, Texas and San Francisco. Jon accepted a position Cascade Christian Schools in Puyallup, WA. He will be teaching high school and middle school art as well as middle school drama. He's psyched!

Job offers for Art Education Graduates

Summer 2014

Yasmin Fernandez '13 will be taking over the art position at Daystar School in Chicago's South Loop. The school's website states "that the study of art is an essential part of a Daystar student's K-8 experience. In addition to being of the primary means by which we express ourselves in a visual language, art develops creative thinking and provides a means for self-expression and communication." ...and it's just blocks from the Chiago Art Institute; lots of field trips!

Yasmin was the recipient of the 2013 Department Award in Art Education.

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