May Term (formerly called Interim)

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Each May, Trinity students engage in interactive learning outside the classroom during May Term, a two-week program that occurs after Spring semester. Students may choose from a wide range of special interests and subjects in the humanities, sciences, and arts that provide a more hands-on educational experience. Interims are led by faculty and staff of the College and may take place on campus, in Chicago, or other sites in the United States and abroad.

Recent groups have studied business in Malawi and South Africa, visited India and China, and relived the gold rush in Colorado. A few of the trips are missions-driven, such as the journey to Jamaica, where Trinity students have taught in a school for deaf children and worked in a local medical center. Travel costs are not included in the tuition.

Former professor, Emily Kennerk, with students in New York


Interim in the Art Department

Art and Design department Interims offer a range of experiences on and off campus. We travel to see the center of the art world, New York City, with some regularity. The trip typically starts on campus with a one day orientation then heads off to the Big Apple. In nine days we visit eight major museums, three gallery districts and visit a number of artists in their studios. The department also travels to Europe. Occasionally our trips to New York and Europe have been supported by scholarships.

a view of paris from th balcony atop the Pompidou Center

Design Professor Ellen Browning takes students to the Hamilton Type Museum in Wisconsin where they get to print using 19th century woodtype.

Other courses have explored the Chicago art scene with gallerist and professor of art history, Rowley Kennerk, or students have stayed on campus to work in the studio.