"This is a building that any college would envy. It is superb. The location of the gallery (close to the art studios), the wonderful hallway exhibition spaces, the gathering places that are inviting and friendly, all these things are conducive to building a community of artists. The studios themselves are excellent in their attention to light and ventilation. I don’t think I have ever visited an art department that had adequate ventilation in its studio spaces—that is until now. The building has been thoughtfully designed with health and safety in mind."

— 2010 external reviewer, Tim VanLaar. University of Illinois at Champaign

Trinity's 44,000-square-foot Art and Communication Center opened in 2008. It is suffused with light. The generous studios are always buzzing with activity as new work takes shape. The college's investment in the Art Department should give prospective students the sense that Trinty's administration supports cultural engagement in the arts.

Trinity's dedicated faculty not only help students learn their craft but also make connections to professional practice in Chicago's world-class art and design scenes. Art education students get a combination of small school personal attention on campus and a sense of how the real art world works in Chicago.

The space is always bustling with new projects taking shape. The sculpture studio has a fully equipped wood and metal shop.

To support their studio practice, Trinity's art department gives juniors and seniors their own studios spaces. Underclass students can apply for spaces in the event that there's an open studio. The shop talk generated by other studio mates pushes creativity in the whole department.