Trapkat Southwest Chicago Gallery

Trapkat is Trinity's student gallery. Modelled on the Seerveld Gallery,Trapka thelps students learn to be artists long before their internships and graduation by using the space and the Trinity community as a small scale version of how the art world and the community interact. Trapkat is often a novice artist's first step into the art world. They put up the show, host an opening and provide refreshments. They get (critical) feedback and learn how to defend what they do on the basis of histroical precedent or theoretical category. Students experience what it takes to create and exhibit a body of work professionally. 

Unfortunately we do not have a complete record of exhibitions at Trapkat. Here are two samples of the eight to ten shows that students exhibit each year.

2012–2013 Shows


Delia Cabrales
Lauren Sandberg and Liz Muhammad
Paul Cook
Jon Engbers
Chelsea Konyndyk

Public Art Works

Liz Muhammad
Karl Geschand Kevin Johnson
Michael Evers





2011–2012 Shows


Chris Colvin, Bridget Earnshaw, Jon Engbers, Karl Gesch, Liz Muhammad, Jessica Timmermans, Dani Truckenmiller





2010–2011 Shows

Everybody we talked to for 60 days

Abby Christensen. Emily Van hoff

September 2010