Seerveld Gallery

Art is a dialogue without words. Just as in a good library where a wide range of views are represented, so in our gallery you will see a cross section of work and viewpoints from across the art world. The gallery presents five shows by professional artists each year. These artists range from internationally famous artists like Tim Rollins to Conrad Bakker before he was well known to Chicago artists. You can also follow the gallery on Facebook.


Paul Cowan
Mara Bakker
Chris Larson and Rico Gatson
Lisa Walcott
John August Swanson
South Suburban Conference High School Show
Senior Show 2013
Summer 2013: Jr. College Faculty Invitational


Ken Steinbach
Lex Thompson
Katie Hargrave and Amber Ginsburg
Min Song
Jennifer Danos and Natasha Pestich
South Suburban Conference High School Show
Senior Show 2012
Summer 2012: Art Teachers Invitational


Ben Foch
Brandon Alvendia: John Almanza, Ben Foch, Dennis Hodges
Sarah Kanouse; R. Zúñiga; R. Griffis, L. Mogel & S. Ross
Dayton Castleman
Chelsea Culp
Senior Show 2011
Summer 2011: Local Artists


Alumni Show - 7 Artists & 14 Designers
Tomas Moreno
Hideous Beast
Jeff DeKock
Senior Show 2010
Summer 2010: Christian Colleges Faculty Exhibition