OPUS 2012

Sit down. Grab a Coke. Checkout the highlights from OPUS 2011, the annual student art competition. The categories are drawing and painting, printmaking and photography, sculpture, and graphic design and by students at Trinity. Want more? Check out the work by seniors here.

Best of Show: 
Karl Gesch, Real Animal Cookies

drawing, painting, mixed media

1st Jessica Timmermans, Late Afternoon
2nd Amanda Evers, Trade Your Fears
3rd Yasmin Fernandez, Set Your Eyes

printmaking and photography

1st Chris Colvin for series, Look Up and To Mankind Which are Delivered
2nd Leigh Twaragowski for series, Purple, Multiple and Flower
3rd Heather Van Sant for series Through the Looking Glass 1 & 2 and Cityscape



1st Karl Gesch, Drawing in Space: Mondrian's Pier & Mountain
2nd Lauren Sandberg, Junkyard Talisman
3rd Jonathan Engbers, Try and Open a Book (But Not Really)

graphic design

1st Kaleb Dean, FYF Mentorship
2nd R. Fink, Studio Rat
3rd Hannah Snow for series, Spoon Letters and Gourmet Dish

Want more? Check out the work by seniors here.