Art Visit Days:
Thursday and Friday, Nov. 14 & 15

See the art department in action


Students attend a reception and gallery talk in the Seerveld Gallery —this year the artists are Trinity's art faculty. Students will have the option of spending Thursday night on campus to get a taste of residence life. The two day schedule typically looks like this.

3:30–5pm Check in
5:00 Dinner provided
6:00 Artist talk
7:00 Reception
7:00 Trinity Art Student Annual Review Show...and pizza.

8:00 Breakfast and Welcome
9:00 Campus Tour
10:30 Chicago Design Firm
11:30 Free Lunch
1:00 Chicago Galleries
3:00 Arrive back at Trinity


Illinois Teachers

Illinois teachers get 1.5 free CPDU's for Thursday's 6pm lecture and reception; they get 1.5 free CPDU's for Friday's design studio and gallery tour.