Trinity has a long record of successful graduates in art. They work in schools, universities, art galleries, and major design and advertising firms. They have gotten into prestigious graduate programs. We think that the reason for our graduates success is our curriculum and our connection to Chicago’s lively art scene.

Fine Art Graduates

  • Abby Christensen ’11. Studio assistant, Cream Co. Art Collaborative, Chicago, IL
  • Sam McCune ’07.  (website)
    • Collection Manager and Preparator, Albers Foundation, New Haven CN
  • Mandy Vink-Renaud '05. Public Art Coordinator for Denver, CO , 2011-13
  • Lisa Walcott ’05. MFA Cranbrook Academy of Art, Dearborn, MI (website)
  • Faith Veenstra ’03. MFA University of Illinois, Chicago. IL (website)
  • Tim Horjus ’00. Artist, (website)
    • MFA, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD
    • Teacher, Elkhart Christian School, Elhart, IN.
  • Dr. Randall Van Schepen ’86. PhD. University of Minnesota. Art historian, Roger Williams College, Providence, RI (website)
  • Marlene Boonstra '81. AWS. MA Governor’s State University, Exhibits internationally (website)
  • Ray Leo '78. MFA Northern Ill. University. Head of exhibit production, Field Museum, Chicago, IL

Design Graduates

  • Hannah Snow '13. Designer, Grand Rapids Public Library, grand Rapids, MI
  • Lauren Sandberg '13. Roeda Signs.South Holland, IL
  • Brady Davidson '11. Freelance. Designed this website. (website)
  • Caleb Mulder '11. Designer,Sundog Studios, Des Mines ,IA(website)
  • Jenae Van Engen ’11. Designer, Gannett Newspapers, Des Moines, IA
  • Emily Van Hoff '11. FReelance Designer
  • Eric Slager ’10. Designer, Resourceful Bag and Tag, Palos Heights, IL
  • Britney Hackbart ’09. Designer, Vance Publishing, Chicago, IL
  • Steve Fischer ’07. Production Manager, Lombard, IL
    • Agency: The Marketing Store. Client: McDonalds Corporation
  • Scott Boonstra ’05. Creative Director
    • Agencies: Collaborative Marketing Group, Marketing Store
    • Clients include: Heinz, Sara Lee, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Dyson, Frito-Lay, Dreamworks SDK
    • Awards: Circle of Excellence Award (for the McDonald's Nutritional Information Initiative) 
  • Chris Scott ’07. Owner, designer. colorandstory. Chicago, IL
    • Agencies: Leo Burnett, Draft FCB, Gertrude Inc.
    • Clients include: Gatorade, One laptop per child, Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox, Hampton Inn, State Farm
  • Chris Pierik ’01. Bret Hoekema '02. Schuyler Roozeboom ’04.
    • Design and Production, Founders of Cultivate Studios.
      Clients: McDonald’s, Blaupunct, The Luke Society, Campus Life, Trinity Christian College
      Awards: Silver Telly, “Not-For-Profit Online Commercial Campaign”
  • Peter Clevering '01. Head of Design, Trinity Christian College
    • Agency: Leo Burnett
    • Clients include: U.S. Army, Kellogg’s, Nintendo, Allstate Insurance
  • Chris Huisman '94. Head of Design.
    • Agencies: Learning Curve. Racing Champions, Joyride Studios
    • Clients include: EA, Microsoft, NASCAR, NHRA, Indy Racing League, Bungie, Nintendo, GamePro Magazine, John Deere, Lucasfilm SDK, Marvel, Thomas Wooden Railway
  • Deb Wykstra Kloet '92. Senior Art Director, Chicago, IL
    • Agencies: Draft Worldwide, Arc, The Marketing Store Worldwide, Frankel
    • Clients include: McDonald's:  (Adult Happy Meal Package Design), Alberto Culver, Kellogg’s, Nestlé, 7 Up
  • Chris Kloet '91. Vice President for Art Direction, Draft FCB, Chicago, IL
    • Awards: Bronze Lion, Cannes Media Festival ‘09
    • Clients include: Circuit City, A&W Root Beer, Kraft Mac and Cheese, Stovetop Stuffing
  • Michael Van Schepen, '89. Senior Account Manager, Green Rubino, Seattle, WA
    • Agencies: Landor, HL2, GreenRubino(website)
    • Clients include:, Microsoft, Sound Transit, Vail Resorts, Washington State Wine Commission

Art Education Graduates

  • Yasmin Fernandez, '13, Daystar School, Chicago, IL
  • Sarah Gindville '09. Peoria School District 150, Peoria, IL
  • Amy Wenerski '08. Illinois District 146, Tinley Park, IL
  • Katie Wolters '07. Lansing Christian High School, Lansing MI
  • Jenn Johnson''07. Portage Township Schools
  • Chris Decker '05. Seneca Township High School, Seneca, IL
  • Jenny Hunter '04. Palos Heights District 128, Palos Heights, IL
  • Angela Runyan '01 Designer turned art educator, DeMotte Christian School, Demotte, IN
  • Kristy Kowalski '01. Calvin Christian High School, South Holland IL
  • Lisa Calgaro '02. Infant Jesus of Prague Catholic School, Flossmoor, IL
  • Jim Kamphuis'96. Illiana Christian High School, Lansing, IL
  • Sarah Powers '96. Chicago Christian High School, Palos Heights, IL